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Serving Christ Together


We are grateful the Lord has directed you to place your life and influence in the Temple Baptist Church. You are a vital part of a church that has a vision for the world and a desire to provide a church home for every family.

Let us be committed to pray for each other. Church membership means opportunity and responsibility. I hope you will not only enjoy knowing about the ministries of your church, but that you will become wholeheartedly involved.

God has gifted the local assembly with what is necessary to instruct and encourage Christ likeness in all believers. The Lord has given all of His children a place of service. Our homes and our workplaces provide for us this God-given opportunity to serve, as Christians, in a Christ-like manner. Every day and in every place in which we live, each believer is to be wholeheartedly engaged in the ministry of the Lord. Think of the impact we can have on our community for Christ if we gather the Christian influence of our church in this way!

All believers are to be engaged in the work of the ministry speaking the truth in love. Our ministry is not to be limited to a day of the week or a certain location, any more than our worship is to be limited to the days we attend church, or our witnessing limited to a time of organized visitation. To restrict the ministry of the Lord in such a way is to restrict the Christian life.

Our involvement in serving the Lord ought to come from our gratitude for all the Lord has done and continues to do for us. Our ministry to the Lord comes from the heart; it is not created or sustained by external pressure. It is a willing service that brings a deep joy and great satisfaction. As the church functions together as a body of believers the body is strengthened and grows in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. When we organize ministry opportunities and train people for more effective service, we do it to extend the Lord’s work. Specific ministries allow us to care for people, to give attention to areas of the Lord’s work that tend to be neglected or that need special emphasis, and provide a measure of personal accountability. Although there is but one goal in ministry, the glory of the Lord; there are many places of service.

What are you willing to do in your ministry to the Lord?

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Clarence Sexton