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For the Edifying of the Body of Christ

Praying in Our Homes

families praying together daily at 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. for the ministry of our church and our pastor- Head of Home

The Prayer Meeting

our church family praying together in the Curtis Hutson Chapel each Monday from 6 to 7 p.m.- Pastor & Mrs. Sexton

Revival Prayer Meetings

meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday in various locations across the church campus to ask for God’s blessing on our church and pastor -Leaders for each age and interest groups

Prayer Line

providing daily updates of the prayer requests submitted by our church family. - Lisa Snow (938-Pray)

The 24-Hour Prayer Vigil

gathering together twice each year at a chosen hour to pray for the requests of our church family - Richard Jacob, David Gamble, Roger Hilliard

Touch of Heaven on Every Home

Visiting every church member’s home and accepting prayer request for our 24- hour Prayer Vigil - David Gamble, Roger Hilliard

Personal Workers

leading the lost to trust Christ as Saviour and pointing believers to Christ as the answer to life’s questions - Tim Tomlinson, Mike Fox, Scott Pauley


faithfully helping visitors and members with any needs they may have - Scott Sullivan, Nate Naugle


welcoming people, especially visitors, making them feel at home in our services - Ken Turner

Section Shepherds

assisting the pastor by encouraging fellowship and friendship, welcoming visitors in their seating section - Pastor Sexton

Parking Attendants

keeping people safe and traffic moving, making it easier and more enjoyable for visitors and members to enter the buildings - Julian Evans

Buildings and Grounds Ministry

helping to keep our facilities attractive and inviting - Larry Nicely, Steve Kirby, Andy Umstead


an online resource of helpful information engaging people in the life and ministry of Temple Baptist Church - Glenn Layson & Church Staff

Audio/Visual Ministry

extending the ministry of Temple Baptist Church throughout the world by means of audio mixing boards, video recording and processing, and camera operation - Curtis Bixler, Ryan Keiter

The Touch of Heaven on Every Home

visiting our members’ homes for encouragement and prayer, enlisting church families

Widows Ministry

ministering to, encouraging, and providing opportunities to serve Christ to the widows of our church - Jerry & Mary Cureton, Earl Vanderhoof

Hospital Visitation

comforting and strengthening those in the hospital through visits and prayer - Pastor Sexton, Roger Hilliard, Bob Crichton, Gene Yingling, David Gamble

Home From the Hospital Follow-Up

- Lisa Snow, Allie Mayo

Encouragements with Cards to Sick & Bereaved

- Mary Yingling, Debbie Chamberlain

Bereavement Ministry

comforting grieving families through funeral assistance, family meals, and Christian friendship - David Gamble, Roger Hilliard, Melody Yates, Tracey Nicely, Stephanie Beard

Sunshine Ministry

visiting every week, encouraging those no longer able to attend the church meetings because of sickness or age - Debbie Chamberlain, Gene Yingling

Military Ministry

ministering to our troops and their families through prayer, encouragement, email, and letters - Barry Britton, Mitch Landrum

Benevolence Ministry

providing those going through hard times with gifts of food and clothing - Roger Hilliard

Ministry to Cancer Patients

- Bob Smith, Pearl Masser

The Building Fund

retiring remaining debt and providing funds for future expansion - All members

Gideon’s 300

at present we are working with families in this particular ministry providing scholarship funds in support of our Christian day school - Tim Missey

Crown Trust and The Crown Student Scholarship Fund

making a monthly gift to aid a dedicated student training to serve Christ - Charles Prescott

Parents to Newborn’s

helping parents of newborns through visitation, prayer, and hospitality - Kayla Howell, Jodi Busby

The Nursery

helping parents care for children (4 years old and under) during our church services, church-wide visitation, and special meetings - Kayla Howell, Jodi Busby

Senior Saints Luncheon

monthly gathering for fellowship, a delicious meal, and helpful instruction on issues of vital interest to seniors - Joyce Parker, Debbie Chamberlain

Singles’ Ensemble

providing special music in the meetings - David Gamble

Teen Choir

students grades 7 through 12 singing regularly in the church meetings - Rachel Sengmany

Preschool Choir

children ages 3 through 5 learning and singing Scripture songs and choruses - Elizabeth Naugle

Primary Choir

children grades 1 through 3 learning and singing gospel songs and choruses - Melody Yates

Junior Choir

children grades 4 through 6 learning and singing gospel songs, hymns, and choruses - Christy Hibbard

Spanish-Speaking Children’s Choir

children learning and singing Scripture and gospel songs and choruses - Rebekah Febo

Knoxville Children’s Choir

children reached through the bus ministry singing in the worship services - Melody Yates, Kevin Besaw

Greater Knoxville Youth Choir

students grades 7 through 12 reached through the bus ministry singing in the worship services - Rachel Sengmany


providing instrumental music for the meetings, including preludes and offertories - Gene Yingling

Junior Orchestra

training and providing instrumental music for the meetings, including preludes and offertories - Christy Hibbard, Kevin Besaw


- David Gamble


- Renee Gamble, Rachel Sengmany

Junior Brass Ensemble

- Kevin Besaw

Fife and Drum Corps

(To begin) - Kevin Besaw


- Renee Gamble